Voted off the island?

Ahhhh at last! November 4, 2014 an important day for Americans-Election Day.

Democracy is our ability to participate equally in our government. The right to vote gives us “the people” a choice in who we wish to represent our country, state, county or city government.

There are many things in life that give us the power to have a say or a “vote” in life. Here are a few situations in a democracy in which we cast our power to vote.


We sometimes vote to decide:

  • Who has control over the remote tonight?
  • Who has to do the dishes? I did them last night so it is your turn tonight.
  • Who’s turn it is to take out the trash?
  • Who’s stays or who goes off the island.
  • Who makes the team and who does not.
  • Who’s turn is it to walk the dog?
  • The new flavor of Mountain Dew.
  • Who will be our next American Idol?
  • What will be the best movie of the year?
  • Who will be the best actor and actress. or
  • Who will win this years Oscar.

Voting is simple, sort of ridiculous not to given all the situations we find it important to weigh our opinion against in the world.   All you have to do be an equal, participatory citizen in this country is spend less than 10 minutes today when the polls open and exercise your right to be American and VOTE!

Your thoughts are important to me, leave a comment

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