They had me at Zurheide

We were walking into the parking lot and a few people were blocking our car. It was a young couple and an older couple standing next to a 1995 Buick Sable. On the ground was a cardboard box filled with things wrapped in newspaper. The older woman, was doing all the talking explaining to the young couple the things in the box.

As she unwrapped the packages there were cool whip containers, mason jars, tomatoes, cucumbers and an old Zurheide Ice Cream bucket full of ruby-red raspberries. At the very bottom of the box was a fresh-baked black berry and peach pie. “I washed the raspberries after I picked them this morning, they should last for a week,” she said. “It has been a great season, lots of rain, I have been canning all week.” The older couple was proud of their harvest and more happy to share it  DSCN0088_0102_1with their children.

We turned to each with tears in our eyes. As we got into our car we remembered the years Mom and Dad would insist that we meet to share their fall harvest. They would bring us an identical cardboard box, Zurheide Ice Cream bucket complete with fruit, vegetables and pie. It is a memory that froze in time in our minds. The coincidence of the situation is a shadow of our past and will be in our heart forever.

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