Silent tears

Our life plan is puzzling.  It is hard to understand why certain things happen the way they do in our lives. We can give up so much, open up our heart and soul. United, we may nurture something with great commitment and give of ourselves in the most genuine, unconditional organic way possible and it may still not be enough.

The plan that is laid out for us is a mystery that is not easily understood. How can you receive a gift, and with one full sweep, the system takes it away, without question, without remorse or thought? Something you cared about 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, is taken from you.

spirit hands lostYou fell in love with your special gift at first sight. The very gift you held in your arms, close to heart, taken away without understanding. It’s puzzling, unfair and easy to get lost while attempting to understand the greater plan.

The heartache, pain and feeling of emptiness is overbearing and more than one could ever handle. You ache as you feel the loss of touch of the precious gift in your arms. You laughed, cried, laid close with your soul and bodies as one until that day the gift was taken out of your embrace.

Bravely, suffering with a heavy heart, you share that your gift is gone, lost from your life forever. Behind the smile, your pain is unbearable. They say there is a reason and in time the hurt will disappear. But neither time or reason will heal the emptiness of this loss. No one will ever understand the heartache or the times you will cry in pain.

A power bigger than us has changed the plan, my friend Tim. 

In faith,  go forward believing that your gift will be protected. Pray that Angels will be sent to wrap their arms tightly around and around protecting your precious gift.

Days will pass, turning into years. You will remember your gift with silent tears, never forgetting or recovering from what once shared your heart.

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