My sister is a nurse

Understanding this story is quite simple, but you would need to have a sister who was a nurse, know a nurse or work with a nurse to fully get this experience.

It appears to have all started in 1968 when I became her science project. I was searching though a box of pictures of my mothers the other night and found a set of black and whites that made everything clear. My sister is a nurse and I was a science project for her growth and development class. The series of pictures tell a riveting story of the development of a three-year-old. Unfortunately, there was not nursing documentation to go along with the pictures but it was easy to figure out the plot. The story seems to go something like this….

SCAN0140Apparently three-year-olds are quite bossy when then play with their friends from the neighborhood. Seems like they talk innocently but non-stop. Red wagons made of steel where the best and brought hours of fun. Best this is the socialization stage.

SCAN0141The red wagon was the perfect vehicle to make your friend go for a ride in the back year. Do you think this is the physical development stage or child labor?


Being able to change your pants after a hard day at play was critical according to sister the nurse.  A little chubbiness makes pants snapping a challenge but this little guy is motivated because its is almost lunch.


Lets face it, if you know anything about nurses they are obsessive about hand washing. Apparently 3-year-old hygiene is another critical stage of development. Sister the nurse has taught this little guy to wash his hands like a surgeon.


Eating a well-balanced meal is critical for development. Looking at the lunch of this little guys explains a lot. No judgement, just saying…. That looks like pot roast, mashed potatoes peas and dinner roll smashed with butter. The perfect lunch for a lumber jack. Not a chance there is going to be any spillage on that white shirt.

A perfect analysis of the human growth and development has been captured pictorially in my sister the nurses photo journal for nursing school. Would you give her an A?

Having a nurse as a sister has always been handy. My sister the nurse was always there to:

  • put a band-aid on my skinned knee.
  • take a nail, glass, sliver out of my barefoot.
  • treat my cuts.
  • take my temperature and put a wash cloth on my forehead.
  • pick me up in the street when I broke my leg.
  • cut my toe nails and sometimes my toes…ouch.
  • take me to the emergency room a few times each summer.
  • take me for rides in the car.
  • leave me treats on the kitchen table.
  • move me to college.
  • worry about me.
  • call me everyday to check on me.
  • hold my hand.
  • cry with me.
  • laugh with me.
  • love me.

nurses hat

Even though I was her school research subject, I am very lucky to have a sister, especially one that is a nurse.

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