Judge not lest you be judged, Matthew 7:1.

forgive dictionaryNo matter how you might interpret these words, the concept is simple.  I have learned that there is always to two-sides to every story. The more I have experienced and managed conflicts in my life and work, the more I have learned to fully understand each side of the opposing sides or each side of the story. I have learned how important it is not to stand in judgement of either side and to create commonalities that can join individuals together through sharing, compromise and understanding.

  NOH8Our nation has become polarized. Black or white, wealthy or poor, gay or straight, strong or weak, jocks or nerds, men or women, heathy or sick, skinny or fat, liberals or conservatives are all pejorative concepts that have divided us from one another. We have become so divided that at times it appears as though we are standing still in time.Today our nations appears to be moving back in time forgetting our history. This polarization has fueled a culture of anger and blame. Anger and blame has led to violence that has created division. Why are the country’s people standing divided? Have we forgotten how to get along with one another? Do we remember how to live in a democracy? What will it take to change and stop the anger, stop the hate.

Forgiveness: to cease to feel resentment against someone. Try it sometime America, it is a freeing experience.

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