Liar, liar

The things you experience at a restaurant bar are always amazing. I have been blogging of my experiences when traveling alone and my practice of eating at the bar. I should call stories like these (check this story out)  “The Restaurant Bar Chronicles.” You never know it might be the next category on my blog.Continue reading “Liar, liar”

Mindful Monday meets Twenty-Five Seven.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twenty-Five Seven.” There is no question that when the year gets rocking, school, work, family, events, fundraising the challenges are endless. All the self-help books discuss time management and how to better prioritize tasks that need to be accomplished. BOO HA! Did you ever want to shout: “WillContinue reading “Mindful Monday meets Twenty-Five Seven.”

Got Gnocchi?

One of my family favorite meals from my Southern Italian culture has become an essential hearty comfort food. Gnocchi (NYOHK/kee) is the perfect meal to heal the soul. It is an authentic evening meal that is undeniably good on those cold winter nights or snowy Sunday afternoons. Most cooking and baking is an art and aContinue reading “Got Gnocchi?”

PJ Day…Write here, right now!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Write Here, Write Now.” It is the weeks long-awaited Saturday Morning. Hoorah! The week has ended and we finally have time to do whatever we want. The possibilities are endless. Will this be a chore day? How about focusing on eliminating the pile of laundry? Will the dayContinue reading “PJ Day…Write here, right now!”

Mindful Monday’s-Beam Me Up Scotty!

Today on temenos circle I have decided that the new Monday tradition commencing the week is to declare it Mindful Monday. In some ways Monday’s are the worst day of the week. You are typically coming down from the weekend high. You drag yourself to your desk and begin with the dreaded to do list. ItContinue reading “Mindful Monday’s-Beam Me Up Scotty!”

Happy Birthday Blog!

Today is my blog’s 1st Birthday. This is exciting to me on many dimensions. It is incredible how something that we born in a challenge from a friend could become such a significant part of my life. There is not doubt that I lost many things in the past few years. With the favor ofContinue reading “Happy Birthday Blog!”

Kiss my … Goodbye

We sometimes get caught up in the day-to-day challenges, forgetting our capacity to handle what comes our way. I am convinced some days are so demanding that getting through it seems impossible. I am in the middle of the day and be so overwhelmed by challenges that it seems that success is impossible. How we approach the burden, ourContinue reading “Kiss my … Goodbye”

Good enough for Government work

I was passing through the TSA as the Government workers were rushing around to get the line maze established. There were more than 30 workers rushing around trying to prepare for the in coming crowds of people with destinations on their mind. I was joined in line by a number cranky stuffed white shirts gripingContinue reading “Good enough for Government work”

On the Road to Nowhere

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done.” Traveling today now diverted from the plane from New England, to Boston, to Detroit to get home to Milwaukee. We get shuffled around from line to line waiting as though we want to catch public transportation. No glamour or glory and certainly no luxuryContinue reading “On the Road to Nowhere”