On the Road to Nowhere

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done.”

Traveling today now diverted from the plane from New England, to Boston, to Detroit to get home to Milwaukee. We get shuffled around from line to line waiting as though we want to catch public transportation. No glamour or glory and certainly no luxury anywhere around us. We were “de-planed” as they say, with no information, no customer service and no explanations. Our anxiety raises as we wonder why are we standing in the re-ticketing line basically the line to nowhere.

gas pricesWhat happened to our airlines. As I reflect back, we gave up all of our direct flights in response to high gas prices. As the media informed us, “The Airlines need to become more efficient and keep prices down as it the best for our nations resources.”

Airlines were concerned about their consumption of our national resources and the loss of business due to cost of a barrel of gas.

Our contribution to our national resources was to trade direct flying so The Airlines could keep our cost down, given the high prices of gas. Keep in mind, to get from New England to Milwaukee today, I am passing through Boston and Detroit to get to Milwaukee.

So? gas prices are falling and I saw my first sign that said $1.78 a gallon at the pumps. While I am not a betting man, I wagering there is no going back.

Let’s see what The Airlines, next move will be for its customers.

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