Mindful Monday meets Twenty-Five Seven.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Twenty-Five Seven.”

There is no question that when the year gets rocking, school, work, family, events, fundraising the challenges are endless. All the self-help books discuss time management and how to better prioritize tasks that need to be accomplished.

BOO HA! Did you ever want to shout: “Will the real priority Please Stand Up!

brass_hourglass0When I was reflecting how it would be if granted an extra hour or 60 minutes or 3,600 seconds a day, I thought, what would I accomplish. I immediately thought, ahhhh, it would be so grand to hit the snooze button for another hour each morning. Trick my alarm and keep it the same time and after it went off, yes I get to shut it off and sleep in another hour. Better yet, an extra hour to watch TV, read, listen to music or easily waste.

How would you spend the 25th hour of your day if granted the privilege?

After I cleared my head of the indulgent ways I could use my 25th hour in a day, I decided that I would protect the time to write. Whether it was at the end of the night or first thing in the morning you could find me in a snuggled up the my laptop, the room totally dark except for the glow of the screen. I would probably wrapped in a blanket with wool socks and a dark brewed rich cup of coffee by my side. Following thoughtful analysis thinking, reflecting, digging deep, facing the conflict remember the past all become healing and cathartic in more ways than I could imagine.

I suppose that the point of this challenge gets us to think about what is the most important part of our life. I am excited to write about this challenge and the thought of the gift of another hour a day. Then I realized that honestly, each of us are able to dedicate one hour a day to whatever is most important. Read, write, exercise, meditate or play whatever your hour of choice would be is totally your control.

Twenty-Five Seven

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