Turn the page, I can’t drive 55

Saturday is the best day of the week. I am taking a break from cooking for a party tonight. I have a few minutes while the homemade bread raises so here I am at the keyboard. I am always reflective when I am cooking for a party. I keep menus from my past parties paintingContinue reading “Turn the page, I can’t drive 55”

Loafer meet sneaker

I was up late the other night writing a federal grant that would bring health care into my non-profit agency. When I write for grant funding it always turns out that I start in the evening and keep going until the early morning hours of the next day. That is how we roll, during theContinue reading “Loafer meet sneaker”

Flavor of the day-Mindful Monday.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Local Flavor.” In Milwaukee Wisconsin there is one local flavor that has in its own right become a Milwaukee local flavor of the day. It is the most unusual daily experience of its kind that attracts hundreds of people through our fine city. There is no seasonalityContinue reading “Flavor of the day-Mindful Monday.”

Two truths and a lie, I dare you

This is a challenge to temenos circle blog readers. If you are someone who knows me you have some advantage. If you don’t know me and are new my blog you are able to take part in this dare from reading my blog posts. The challenge is to figure out which of the three things iContinue reading “Two truths and a lie, I dare you”


This is an original photograph of a vineyard traveling through Tuscany in Chianti Italy 2001. Me, my camera and how I remember Italy. Thank God for my camera because we traveled through as many Tuscan Vineyards  as we could tasting wine and foods from each region. Salute! In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:Continue reading “Tuscany”