Out of the shadow-Mindful Monday

snow totalsToday is a very important holiday, maybe one of the most important one of the year for many. January has ended while the year is off to the big race. Hard to believe that the first of twelve months has ended.

As we know the holiday I am speaking of is Ground Hogs Day! The day us four-season friends have learned to anticipate each year. Last week our friends in New England were hit with a Nor’Easter while we Midwestern’s got our blizzard blast yesterday.  We can’t wait for the first snow and hope it brings a magical White Christmas. But once we have skied, went sledding, ice skated, enjoyed a rambling fire watching the fresh fallen snow or made a snowman or two, we can’t wait for the snow to go.  I am not sure about the rest of you Winterites, but there is no way I am going to let the fact that a cute little woodchuck saw his shadow get me down.

Today I am officially thinking of all the things I can spend the next six weeks enjoying this winter.

Read books, write blogs, create a few playlists, clean the basement, discover a new Pilate routine, make soup and declare it the year of the brownie.  Mindful Monday’s here at the temenos circle are all about finding balance.

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