Reminiscent of an early time

The walls all around our home hope to send a message of peace and romance. The traditionalist red brick ranch communicates a the story of two people who in its own rite are old school at heart. The mission is to capture memories that are important which color the journey of life. There is no room for the pretentiousness of a museum, only a random collection of artifacts from the past.

An eclectic collection of trinkets from every decade of life. Most things gifted with pure sentimental meaning. Most simple and gentle gifts that remind us of those who have been on the journey of life with us or those who temporary crossed our path. Walking throughout our home the winter white walls are illuminated by paintings. Deep, rich, dark color that you would find on a canvas-covered in oils paints. The meager attempt of recreating modest Tuscan Villa might be a foreshadowing of the future.

 FullSizeRender (1)There is one picture hanging above the dusty piano in the living room. The room without the computer, flat screen or overstuffed recliner.  The room that hosts gatherings, holidays or a roaring fire. The place for solace. This canvas on oil was created by a master painter and friend. Two of the three people in the painting are plainly seen but the third is our son who would be born a mere 4 months after the paintings completion. The modeling experience for a master painter was powerful and one that could be never forgotten.

After the painter set the scene or the stage we sat for hours. The influence of his passion was contagious as he filled the blank canvas. The connection to his warmth as his vision photographed our existence with every stroke of the brush. The hallowed days passed by as the once white canvas filled with the richness of color reminiscent of an earlier time in history. The table set for the romantic dining of a couple in love in a culture of italian influence.

The divine painter created an everlasting image telling the story of two friends bonded by eternal love. As four months passed, the couple once only two, would become a family of three, building a life time of experiences together.

The spirit of his God gifted favor fills our heart forever since the day another friend, brought this meretricious memory of that journey into our home. This original canvas would soon become the inspiration of all the paintings on the walls of our home as if to communicate Godspeed.

A photograph of an original painting by Daniel Gerhartz.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:  Wall to Wall

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