Flavor of the day-Mindful Monday.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Local Flavor.”

choc cherryIn Milwaukee Wisconsin there is one local flavor that has in its own right become a Milwaukee local flavor of the day. It is the most unusual daily experience of its kind that attracts hundreds of people through our fine city. There is no seasonality to this experience even on frigid days of our frozen, snowy winter tundra.

What is this 1950’s born local flavor?

It’s Milwaukee’s own Kopp’s Custard. What makes this so popular is its exotic, classic, rich and creamy flavor of the day. This homemade egg custard filled with many chunky flavors and comes directly from the custard machine onto your cone.

The flavor of the day tantalizes your existence. On Milwaukee;s major freeway you can watch the billboard sign change daily touting what today’s flavor will bring. It could be traditional flavors like red raspberry, carmel cashew, german chocolate cake, butter pecan or rocky road. The flavor could also be more exotic like Sprecher root beer, cherry amaretto cheesecake or grasshopper fudge.

kopps scheduleIn any event this flavor of the day is perfect stop when the following 10 circumstances occur:

You are on vacation and passing through Milwaukee.

The day at the office or school majorly sucked.

You have sat at an outdoor soccer event with your kids for the last 7 hours.

You have no reason at all other than you obsession with flavors.

Your friends need a laugh.

It’s the first day of spring, summer, fall and winter.

You and your significant other had a flight.

You are also craving a butter burger and fries.

When the day is about eating your dessert first.

You are procrastinating the gym.

There is no question that this Milwaukee custard stand is a tradition. You can even sign up to receive daily email alerts from a personally defined search on your smart phone.

The flavor of the day, is simply, A Milwaukee Thing!


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