Hope for our City

Milwaukee-WisconsinReflecting on the past few months about our city I had to park my thoughts of tragedy to create hope for the future. It is really difficult being positive each day when there is so many assaults on human beings. Assaults expressed by physical, verbal or mental violence. Our city is suck in a time when citizens have forgotten some of the worlds most basic principles. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for and there are cities more challenged than ours. It continues to feels surreal almost unrecognizable.

Here are ten advances that would foster a revolution in our city…

  1. Citizens join together to illuminate what causes violence in our city to focus on inspiring a solution.
  2. When bad events happened by accident eliminate seeking blame and find forgiveness.
  3. Create a culture of democracy where we band together supporting the majority, despite which side of the aisle our beliefs lay.
  4. Being respectful of each citizen while supporting the rule of treating others as we wished to be treated.
  5. Our community would accept our citizens regardless of race, culture, ethnicity, religious belief or sexual orientation.
  6. Investment in the education of our children would become a fundamental principle in all decisions.
  7. Economic equality that supports a living wage for the citizens.
  8. Access, affordability and parity of health care for everyone despite employment, socioeconomic status or illness.
  9. Leaders in city, county, state and federal government branches work together for the good of the people and not to support votes or campaigns.
  10. Every citizen becomes responsible for creating personal change achieving the above ten advances.

Join this revolution of hope for our city.

The Satisfaction of a List

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