The PEA by Joshua


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Once upon a time,

There was a handsome pea, which is me, and I lived in the royal refrigerator, but it smells, because in the royal refrigerator there are leftovers from the nineteen hundreds. The good part is that there in a cool breeze. Wait!, i think I hear footsteps. On My Gosh, it’s the Queen and she is picking me up. Where is she bringing me?. Wait, I why am I in the guest room, and why is the Queen putting me under twenty mattress and twenty down comforters , and now some stranger is coming to lay on top of an innocent young pea! I’m too young to be squashed. Finally, it’s the morning and this stranger is off of the beds. Oh, I hear women is complaining about the night she had. Oh well, she wasn’t the one to be squashed. And now the Prince is marrying her. The prince is a crazy young man. Oh, by the way, I ended up in a boring museum, when the prince and the strange girl lived happily ever after.                                                                The End 

by my Son, Joshua now a high school senior then he was 9 years old. He has laid his bricks.

Question:  Childhood Revisited. “What would I have done different when your children were young?”

Answer: “Clean the refrigerator?”

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