Paper cup

As I get older weekends and days off from work are as busy and stressful as going to work. In fact, I have found after being off from work that I need to go back to find feel peace or normality. If you think about this it is pretty pathetic.

You know the typical morning, your alarm goes off, you groan and immediately thoughts race through your head like they did when you were a kid.

“How can get mom to let me stay home today?”

“I have a stomach ache, I think I am getting a fever!”

All the same thoughts run through your head until something kicks in and you jump up shuffling to the shower. Your thoughts are flipping to your task list for the day while your adrenaline is pumping in your body at the same pace as the hot water pounding your back. Then out of the shower you head for the kitchen, picking up the house from the evenings events. You bring snack dirty dishes left around to the kitchen while picking up dirty clothes while starting a load of laundry. As you run through your carrying a sack empty waste baskets along the way because of course today is garbage day.

FullSizeRender (15)When you arrive at the kitchen you look at the clock and see you only have 12.75  minutes to eat breakfast, pack your lunch and find something in the freezer to defrost for supper. While your frantically running about knowing that you should be in the car already, you get dressed, grab your laptop (left on since 1 am when you stopped working) cell phone, lunch bag your keys and finally your protein bar and coffee in a paper cup with a lid.

No matter how long my home chore list, my new habit on days off from work is to press into the day with a hot breakfast, on a china plate with a ceramic mug topped with hot coffee and real cream.

I am off work today, let the day begin.

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