Peace of mind

Close your eyes and think for a minute in total silence of the most peaceful place in your home. You can do it go ahead now Imagine that place in your head. Remember every inch of it. The smell of the place maybe how it looks. Describe it with your feelings. How does that place make you feel when you in the moment? How do you occupy your time in your personal space. Create the image in your brain feeling the sensations across your entire body. Imagine you are in that special place right now.

FullSizeRender (30)My favorite spot in my house is my front porch swing.  I love to wake up in the morning, brew a cup of coffee into a mug grab my reader and head out the porch. The porch is quiet. The best spot on it is the bench swing that looks over the rose garden. This swing is the perfect space to reflect and relax. Its i protected from the elements and cool when it is warm. A slight summer breeze fills the porch with the sweet smell of roses. The creek of the swing chains becomes a musical symphony.

Sitting there to pray, reflect, read some word, clears my mind making room for what the day has to bring. It’s the perfect time to let go of previous day embracing my plan for the day. It is my favorite spot to think of decreasing making room for God to increase in my life as you can find in John 3:30.

So, find a spot in your home. Make sure your comfortable and figure out what makes it your own. Press into the space, clearing your mind and opening your heart to believe in what the new day could bring. Repeat this often enough and the safe space will become your temenos.

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