Bad peace

Grace_wordleAs I watch the world around me I can’t help but think how blessed Diane, Josh and my family are today. In the landscape of the horrible Paris attacks by ISIS it is almost impossible to wrap your head around 128 people dead in your city.

We were out last night for dinner with friends.  The thought of being in a restaurant that begins to blow up is hard to imagine. Imagine sitting in a concert or football game and bombs are exploring overhead while people are dying on the ground. The hate and hostility are so difficult to understand. We can’t help but wonder sometimes if the  cause of the fighting has been forgotten becoming part of international culture.

The one thing I know today is that my family, friends and I are blessed.

While we find comfort in the grace of God, let us think about those in other lands as they all desire peace.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “There is never good war, only bad peace.”

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