In Everything

Father God, thank you for this day of Thanksgiving. We are grateful for the undying grace that you shine over our lives. Father thank you for the time we are about to share today with our family and friends. Diane and I behold the moments when our home is filled with those closest to us in our life.

Jesus, we know our struggles with health, jobs, relationships, school, are your will to help us grow in our own understanding. We understand that it is through our struggle that good increases in our lives.  Father help us to decrease so that you can increase in our lives so we see your plan.

Thank you for the meal we about to share with our family and friends at our table, Abba. We are thankful today for them because as they are part of our hearts, Father. We know that those we love who are not with us on earth today are seated at your table Father God. We long to be at your table one day to be reunited with them.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says, “In everything give thanks, for this is Gods will for you in Jesus Christ.”

Abba, we know we cannot do this on our own.

We are thankful to you Father God.

In Jesus name we pray…


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