Think, plan, do, then repeat

November has become on of my favorite month for many reasons. It tends to be the month of giving thanks for the many things in life. Some of that gratefulness originates from the people in your life yet other comes from the grace of God. Without question, November is a time to reflect and give honor those aspects of your life of which you are thankful.

Another favorite part of November is the anticipation of Christmas right around the corner. As your wind down the Thanksgiving Holiday for most 24 hours doesn’t pass and Christmas is underway. Trees, lights, and carols fill our homes as we pack away the turkey dishes. We get so excited we run to the department stores eagerly seeking the perfect gift for the best price on Black Friday.

But, my new tradition, like my many blogger friends is National Blog Post Month dedicated to the month of November. While it is only my second year, (a year ago today) writing a blog post each day for 30 consecutive days  accomplishes many things.  One of the most important accomplishments is claiming those feelings about things that are most important. Diane said this year blogs were a bit preachy, please don’t take that personally. My years have been so rich full of love, life accomplishments, sadness, forgiveness, awakening, and understanding. I have gained a lot much personal understanding that most days it is hard to put that into words. The new friendships I have made this year will last my lifetime. These new relationships I understand are a result of Gods grace.

Thank you, readers for sharing likes and comments, bloggers for writing with me and engaging in teaching me to be a better writer and person. If you write every day the unintended consequence of the thinking, planning and acting is personal growth through insight.

Congratulations fellow bloggers another November filled with a blog story a day for 30 days. What great fun it has been.

Shall we repeat again next year?

Your thoughts are important to me, leave a comment

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