Out with the old

There is something about music, coffee in a mug, a day off after the holiday’s that is so rich. The weeks filled with family, friends, reflections, and memories somehow ground us in the tradition of life. The year close seems to always be defined with separation of the successes, struggles and failures. It is hard to imagine a year that does not bring challenges that are distinct for each of us, it is sometimes unrelatable. Yet it seems so much easier to focus all that did not happen the way you planned in the past year.

Lately, I have been focused on the concept of control. The need to control the future directing the outcomes of situations can be overwhelming. Expectations immediately create a feeling of tension. This self-imposed battle can become the focus of our lives. It can feel like everything is the same and nothing but the struggle of life is present. The internal struggle can be a lot about the outta, shoulda and coulda in life.  Those thoughts become a 12-foot fence to blocking our ability to press onto the future.

The New Year always brings a moment of rebirth. It is a time to be out with the old to make room for whatever is new in our lives. A time when we can rethink the plan for a new journey ahead. The key is not overshooting the expectations.

Be still in time,  finding the joy in life in that which is most important.

In the words of CS Lewis, “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different.”

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