Outside the inside door

Emotional jumbles can lead to pure understanding when we allow it to happen.  It does not take analysis, mind power or pain to find the clarity necessary to feel the depth of your heart.

When we dig deep enough a straight path emerges from our soul. Our best understanding comes from simply listening to our own heart. When we find stillness, peace, and love we hear the words inside our spirit that gives direction.

My plan for 2017 is uncomplicated and involve these 7 concepts:








I have been pensive the past few days, listening to the spirit. It was difficult to shake the world off me to find this peaceful space. A trip to the gym, meals with friends, a glass of wine or two, lots of bible reading, prayer, and music and I found my way to a set of words that became a  plan to live by in 2017.

Less will definitely be more next year. Cleaning out the old making room for new is essential. Out with the hurtful and that which is keeping life in neutral is essential. There will be a need to add new, richer, deeper, truthful, stable and happier parts of life.  This upcoming year needs perseverance, patience and a clear path.

Sometimes we have to go outside in order see whats going on inside.


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