Hello, safe space, old friend and inner circle of peace.

Neglectfully, I have not been on Temenos Circle almost all year. But I am back and here to stay. My time away has brought calmness following a storm. Time to think, process, find new ways of feeling, has brought me closer to God. I have spent time unwinding four decades of my life. In retrospect, I have no doubt or regret of the past, only loving memories that will be with me for my life.

As I say goodbye to some elements of my past,  it is important to prune away some branches, split some roots to multiple, in order to have new growth.

A painful process but necessary for sprouting.

I am thankful for the grace, healing, and mercy God has granted me.  I am thankful for my soulmate, my son, family, and friends who jumped on the boat and weathered the storm alongside me. I am excited about the new journey ahead, including the ability to start a fresh new life.  I am stronger, clearer, true and second.

Inspired by a new friend, Dottie, I am way ahead of my new year one-word principles. Setting smart goals makes me feel like I am in a box. As you know, conforming, taking direction, being in formation, simply is not how I roll. I need space and control to grow. The plan has to be mine and something I am impassioned about.  Here are my 2018 sensational six principles:


My plan is to add some new to my life. Time to have fun, take care of myself and get healthier than ever before. As I reflect on 2018 possibilities, I will need to continue to prune some old habits proven to be ineffective in achieving happiness. I hope this creates space for new growth. I want this year to be bold with focus.  One in which I commit to new ways of taking care of my mind, body, and spirit.

Goodbye 2017, can’t say I will miss you.

I am ready for an about-face and all the promise 2018 holds.

Happy New Year !!! I am back!!!


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