Catch me if you can?

Emotions are an interesting state of mind.

They can be very simple or so complex it is impossible to understand.

Occasionally they get sticky like bubble gum on the bottom of your shoe or like holding jello on a hot summer day.

They can be difficult to catch or shoo away like a fly.

From time-to-time, emotions can feel like you are chasing a butterfly without a net.

Every-so-often emotions are like a game of hiding and seek, immediately found or completely lost in the dark.

Now and then they are like a reading the same page of a book over and over again, completely unable to turn the page.

At times, they can feel like you are on a high-speed chase or lost in the desert without GPS.

Look! it’s a bird, a plane, no…it’s an emotion higher than a kite in the sky or sunk like a penny at the bottom of the sea.

If they are lost, stolen or broken my memory of them becomes so foggy they become impossible to be me.


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