99 Days of Gratitude Day 5-Brotherhood

Today I am thankful for my brother Josh.

It is his birthday today so Daniel, Reuben and I will celebrate him tonight.

Josh is a great man. He has been a part of my life for three years sharing struggles of life, love, relationships all in the context Brothers in Christ.

He is a passionate father.

He cares immensely about his Sons, Will and Graham and his baby daughter El.  Modern families are not easy but Josh is committed to be the best father he can be.

He is inspirational.

He has inspired me to be in truth, be me. In challenging of times, I would say Josh,  “I am a mess today.”  Josh says, yes, but a perfectly beautiful mess as God intended for you to be. After a few texts, or talking, we both would be back in the game.

Josh has a big heart.

We have shared so much together these past years that has shown me his big heart. His love for friends, family, passion for Christ all show Josh’s true self.

Josh is a great friend.

Daniel and I are grateful for Josh. He has been a big part of our life and journey of healing, love and relationship. Our friendship with Josh is precious one, which we hope lasts an eternity.

An amazing man, who I am grateful to call my brother.

Happy Birthday Josh, I am grateful for you all the time, but especially today.

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