99 Days of Gratitude Day 7-Home

I am feeling blessed today because God has given the gift of home.

When I was young my family made home for me. When I was in college my roommates made up home for me. In the work I do daily my colleagues make home. My son’s make home for me. My Husband makes home for me.

So what is home?

It’s not your location or the bricks and the mortar.

It’s a safe space that you find truth, joy, peace and hope. A place where people love you unconditionally with grace, truth and forgiveness.

My awesome friends and I are reading a book. In one of the chapters it’s speaks of truth and grace. It says, “When you combine truth and grace you yield forgiveness.” However truth without grace becomes judgment.

I am grateful to have home.

Home for me is a safe space in my life which is authentic, filled with grace, unconditional love, forgiveness, joy and hope.

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