99 Days of Gratitude Day 4 Home

This week has been home week

Daniel and I shared the week with our son’s Josh, Barrett and Adler.

We are a new modern family, yet instantly our space is full of love. We played games, watched movies, cooked some family meals and some fancy ones. We painted shared laughter, struggled through some sickness. We dined out to celebrate Josh’s admission to graduate school. We shared celebration with our friends.

Our start to 2019 has been a joy.

We made home, the Five Guys.

Today I am grateful for home.

99 Days of Gratitude-Day 3. I am Second

I am second.

Every moment I am reminded that this life isn’t mine. It belongs to a power higher then I can even imagine. His mystery humbles me until I drop to my knees.

When I am so weak all I can see is his love. When I can see him clearly I feel safe. When I make room for him in my heart he is always there.

I am never alone when I am second. Help me shrink so you grow inside me and fill me up.

Today I am grateful for My King, Jesus.

In his holy name I pray…


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

There is something to ponder somewhere

Me, my camera and how I see the world.

New Berlin, Wisconsin 2019

My Husband the Artist, musician and writer.

99 Days of Gratitude Day 2-The Dream Team…

I was talking with my Mom on my way home from work tonight as a do most days in a parking lot of traffic. She said you are working late tonight as always Son. You have done this work for a long time. I said yes I love the people we serve as much as those I work alongside. She said, I guess you are right where you belong.

The saying it only takes a small group of people to change the world is true. I belong to a team of leaders and members who work exhaustingly to serve our community.

They are loving and welcoming to anyone who comes through our doors. They agonize moment by moment, sleepless night to find solutions for those in our world who need.

Today, I am grateful to share in a calling with people who commit their lives to serving others.

Thank you #TEAMWHCG for the journey we share.

Couples challenge click here to read my Husbands blog!

99 Days of Gratitude Day 1 My Husband Daniel

I keep reading the impact of gratefulness and its impact on the human brain. Research indicates that 25% of people who focus on being grateful reported more life happiness. Brain scans even show that the more you practice gratefulness there is a neurological affect that builds “gratitude muscle.”

Daniel, my husband and I have a challenge that for the next 99 days and will  be positing on our blogs  everyday of a gratitude in our life. Click here for Daniel’s Blog…Mind of a Man

Join our challenge in your journal, in your prayers, or even your thoughts!

Day 1 of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for Daniel. God perfectly placed him in my life at the time when I needed unconditional love the most. He is an amazing husband, father, brother, leader and has committed to chase Jesus with me for life.

What else could a man want?

I am grateful for the journey we have experienced together.

Said perfectly in Proverbs 27:17,

“Iron sharpens iron, so shall a man sharpen a man.” Our struggles hurt, but in the end there is not a better feeling then true love.

I fell in love with my best friend and today I am grateful for Daniel.


I love moments when Daniel and I just sit over an espresso coffee, share conversations or be creative.

It’s these lovely moments that make life amazing.

We have learned a few things, so important to nurture a relationship.

  • Just be
  • Be real
  • Love deeply
  • Mutuality
  • Silence
  • Simple

More sweet Daniel. More …

Catch me if you can?

Emotions are an interesting state of mind.

They can be very simple or so complex it is impossible to understand.

Occasionally they get sticky like bubble gum on the bottom of your shoe or like holding jello on a hot summer day.

They can be difficult to catch or shoo away like a fly.

From time-to-time, emotions can feel like you are chasing a butterfly without a net.

Every-so-often emotions are like a game of hiding and seek, immediately found or completely lost in the dark.

Now and then they are like a reading the same page of a book over and over again, completely unable to turn the page.

At times, they can feel like you are on a high-speed chase or lost in the desert without GPS.

Look! it’s a bird, a plane, no…it’s an emotion higher than a kite in the sky or sunk like a penny at the bottom of the sea.

If they are lost, stolen or broken my memory of them becomes so foggy they become impossible to be me.

Inside out…Marry me?

On the outside…

We don’t look the same as others do but on the inside my heart knows

Our lives may not look like others, but on the inside my heart knows.

The schedule isn’t exactly in the order of how relationships outta work, but on the inside my heart knows.

Our love may seem different to those around us, but on the inside my heart knows.

People treat us differently, but on the inside my hearts knows we belong together.

Our family looks different then most families but on the inside my heart knows it’s our modern family.

So my heart knows this Daniel Bayless.

I am in love with you, a relationship that’s indescribable, undeniable and real.

I promise to keep God the center of our life.

I promise to love you, no matter.

I promise to be in truth with you always.

I promise to be your constant.

I promise to love our sons and make home for them.

I promise to spend my life with you forever.

I pray that the Holy Spirit fills our relationship and our home so every part of our life is surrounded by God.

May the most important thing we do together is chase Jesus.

Take this ring as a reminder how much I am in love with you.

I do?

Photo by: Brianslawsonphotography.com

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