Out of the Darkness of Trauma. Intensive Supervised Release Conference State of Minnesota.

Thank you MN friends for your interest in learning about Childhood Trauma. Clink below for today’s presentation  https://www.dropbox.com/s/mr2h7cuolyefnqn/MN%20P%26P%20Trauma-Informed%20Approaches%20In%20Recovery.pptx%20%281%29.pptx?dl=0

Healing Childhood Trauma-Eastbrook Church

Today I lectured on Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) to a group of Foster Parents at Eastbrook Church. There was one common bond among these loving brothers and sisters. Their mission is to be awesome parents to children whose life started in a struggle. God Bless these parents for their love, empathy and calling to careContinue reading “Healing Childhood Trauma-Eastbrook Church”