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  • A Window Visit
    It was the peek of the pandemic and we were all quarantine. The city was empty. There were no cars on the streets, no rush hour, restaurants were closed or pick up. Movie theaters we dark not a person insight. We became shuts in. What was novel at first became frightening. The news channels andContinue reading “A Window Visit”
  • I did the best I could
    As I reflect back on being quarantine and having COVID I remember many things I learned. At first, being locked in my home with my family made me really fearful. Being unable to freely leave home felt like imprisonment. The loss of a sense of control created such anxiety for me. Sometimes it felt likeContinue reading “I did the best I could”
  • Sunshine in the rain
    Today was a gloomy day in Wisconsin. Freezing rain closed the schools and layered ice on everything outside. The branches on the trees looked like icicles suspended in air. The sidewalks and streets appeared to be sheets of glass. The sky was dark at day as of it was night. As an avid telecommute leaderContinue reading “Sunshine in the rain”
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