Who is your Influencer?

There are so many people that influence us in life. Our family and best friends have a great impact what we do or who we become. Our co-workers, our boss and/or customers affect us daily.  Leaders in our world impact our lives through the decisions they make that represent and direct our world. Spiritual leaders like Pastors, shepherd us to find our connection with a higher … Continue reading Who is your Influencer?

I will remember, Dad, promise. 

I have been thinking about my Father the last few days. I was thinking about him when I was growing up, throughout my life and remembering him at the end of his life. He was a character without-a-doubt, complete with a sassy sense of humor. He was born in Bridgeport CT, on February 26, 1929. This explained his love of New England especially freshly caught … Continue reading I will remember, Dad, promise. 

Happy Birthday in Heaven…

Originally posted on TEMENOS CIRCLE:
I was talking to my Mom today and she told me a story about her sister Dolores. Today is Aunt Dolores’s birthday. Birthdays were very important to Aunt. We have close to 100 family members in our family and her goal in her life was to remember every last one of them. Mom reminded me this morning that her and… Continue reading Happy Birthday in Heaven…

Second time around

  This winter has motivated us to clean the basement finding the true treasures of time. This little muse is circa 1984,  Sandburg Hall, dorms of the University Milwaukee Wisconsin. This little note was delivered to my dorm room 1580 from my wife Diane, who claims that I was the one pursuing her, mmmhmmmm. Now, truth-be-told the question of the afternoon remains to be validated. “Can … Continue reading Second time around

At the Table

Sundays are becoming my new favorite day of the week. I was at a seminar this week listening to a speaker who was talking of leaders caring for their soul. We all have people we take care in our life. We all lead in someway caring for someone in our life, whether you are health professional, a caregiver, significant other, friend or family member. This speaker talked about … Continue reading At the Table

College bound…A prayer for my son Joshua

Father God, Watch over our son Joshua as moves to college today for his first time away from home. As you know you have created this man in your image help him understand that, so he keeps you close while on his journey. As you see you have created a fine man,- one who seeks your love and approval. As he walks into the world … Continue reading College bound…A prayer for my son Joshua