Bergamont-Mindful Monday

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pick Your Potion.”

Reflective tonight for a Monday night and can’t figure out what the feeling is all about. This circumstance is pretty unusual for a Monday because feelings of this day of the week typically are heard loud and clear. The beginning of  the week full with all of its problems quickly becomes the center of your existence. Regretting all that you did not do over the weekend wondering if you could just rewind to Friday night. Thinking about remembering the relaxing fun with family and friends directs your thinking about the upcoming week.  As soon as Monday happens I am already thinking and making plans for the upcoming weekend. Less than four hours to go and it is Tuesday, even worse, but you begin to get on your game ready to take on the challenge.

Alone, I turned on some music, lit a few candles and grabbed my mac. Snuggled into my favorite place in my house to write and here I am. I sat but realized there was something missing to round out the peaceful situation. My favorite pick for calming into an evening is an earl grey hot tea. Something about drinking tea alone by flicker of a candle light that is healing for your mind, body and spirit.

bergamontThe word bergamot is derived from bergamotta in Italian, originating from Bergamo, a town in Italy. Most likely my attraction the fruit. It is known for its fruit smell, tasting somewhere between a lemon and grapefruit. Often people think of it as a sour orange. It has excellent medicinal power helping your skin, clearing infection and my favorite affect calming essentially reducing anxiety.

Tea is the perfect vehicle for creating your perfect space. Warm, fragrant calming essentially affecting your mind, body and spirit. Tea is a reflecting potion for me where coffee is the perfect drink to share in conversation with your best friend. My blog followers know I describe this safe space as Temenos. The act of creating the perfect space where one is present in life with peace of mind. Everyone space looks very different. I understand that some peoples Temenos is running, driving in the car, listening to music with your eyes closed or simple in your war room in prayer.

However it is you define your Temenos, Monday nights might be the best night to create reflecting space.

Temenos for me tonight, is a Jonathan David playlist, a hot cup of bergamot grey earl tea, my mac by the flicker of a few candles.

I got this week, do you?

What is your strategy?

Your thoughts are important to me, leave a comment

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