This is an original photograph of a vineyard traveling through Tuscany in Chianti Italy 2001. Me, my camera and how I remember Italy. Thank God for my camera because we traveled through as many Tuscan Vineyards  as we could tasting wine and foods from each region. Salute! In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:Continue reading “Tuscany”

Italy-A Photo Journal

Viva Italia! (Long Live Italy) The other day  I was sharing a memory of a trip to Italy with my friend Christine. She was planning a backpack trip to Europe that would include a trip to Italy. This inspired me to gather my loose photo’s and journal a few memories of Italy. This collage ofContinue reading “Italy-A Photo Journal”

La dolce vita!

A memory appeared in my thoughts of a particular day Diane and I shared in Tuscany. While walking through streets of Florence Italy, we discovered the Trevi Fountain. Watching in wonder, we saw the couples around the fountain, children skipping on the piazza and men/men and women/women strolling arm in arm, as Italians do. TheContinue reading “La dolce vita!”