Past, present and future

IMG_6457 (2)

Traveled to Vermont this weekend to teach at the University. My first time in Vermont yet it felt like home. Being there at the end of Fall seeing the hue of leaves on the trees or as a carpet on the ground was breath-taking. The opportunity to work with  graduate school students is always a rich experience. They are typically people at a time in life when they see the importance of higher education as a vehicle to advance their lives. While I am the professor, I also feel like I am the student learning so much from everyone’s life experience.

This trip was definitely memorable. One of my very good friends Susan, also a professor at the University, her Husband and I spent the most amazing evening.

We started with a walk on the Boardwalk of Champlain Lake to watch the sunset beautifully dancing on the water as if faded behind the Green Mountains of Vermont. An evening plump with a home cooked meal complete with apple pie topped with ice cream. The conversation was abundant and could have lasted for days.

The moments of this evening will always be a memory imprinted in my heart.

Thank you friends for sharing my friendship and your home.


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