Send in the clowns…

It is easy during the bustle of the week to work so hard you feel like your pushing an elephant up a flight of stairs. Is the weight of the world is heavy on your shoulders and the stress of the week beaten you down?

If you are like me, you start the week with a comprehensive long “to-do” list that throughout the week tasks are checked off with pride as to celebrate the accomplishment. Even with significant accomplishments it is easy to feel down. It can feel that you have successfully completed 100 tasks and there is 1000 more tasks on the list. The accomplishment of making it to Friday sometimes is not enough. Feeling successful at the end of the week requires a celebration.

painting of kellyMy favorite part of the week is when everyone is nestled in front of their computers, all the hustle of the appointments are finished for the week and the phone calls have been returned. Everyone begins to congregate together in one office for the end of the week sensational celebration that fills the room with laughter. Reminiscing the challenges of the week, finding simple sweet humor of the events creates the humanness and sensitivity of the week. Supporting, challenging and laughing with each other somehow heals the stress and positions us for the weekend.

It reminds me of the simple humor of Emmett Kelly. While he is known as the sad clown he brought great joy and humor to those that enjoyed his presence. Emmett Kelly Sr. created Weary Willie on his drawing board—a rumpled, sad-sack figure, beaten down by the world, everyman on a lifelong losing streak. A character everyone can relate to at different times in their life. In his classic act this clown draws you into this sadness than simply, genuinely and organically makes you laugh about the sweetest events.

On Fridays,  at the end of a long week, a power bigger then us always finds a way to helps the healing by sending in the clown.

If that doesn’t heal you, there is always Happy Hour!

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