Started with a pickle 

Saturday mornings were made for farmers markets.  I was surrounded by crisp fall air, sounds of the waves crashing on the rocks from the lake and the bustle of people their dogs and cloth bags. I really wasn’t sure what to get from the farmers today. There was no recipe in mind or even aContinue reading “Started with a pickle “

Good enough for Government work

I was passing through the TSA as the Government workers were rushing around to get the line maze established. There were more than 30 workers rushing around trying to prepare for the in coming crowds of people with destinations on their mind. I was joined in line by a number cranky stuffed white shirts gripingContinue reading “Good enough for Government work”

Little Johnny

My Father loved to tell jokes. You could often see him off in the corner of the room telling Little Johnny Joke’s and people laughing all around him. Amongst the laughter, you would always hear my Mom yelling over the crowd “Frank, stop that is not appropriate!”   The more people laughed at his sassyContinue reading “Little Johnny”

Voted off the island?

Ahhhh at last! November 4, 2014 an important day for Americans-Election Day. Democracy is our ability to participate equally in our government. The right to vote gives us “the people” a choice in who we wish to represent our country, state, county or city government. There are many things in life that give us theContinue reading “Voted off the island?”