The Life of puppy…

The other day my focus was accomplishing projects around the house. Rushing around worn out from the long week, compulsively Saturday chores were in motion. It was a crisp fall day perfect for raking leaves and washing windows. While washing away the summer, through the glass at the end of the beam was puppy.


The cuteness of this creature captured my thoughts throughout the day. I was now obsessed with every activity in the “Life of puppy.”

Here are the  10 things that puppy has taught me about how to live a good life that day….

  • Find the warmest spot in the house and lay in the sun.
  • Be rewarded with as many treats throughout the day for the most mundane successes.
  • When someone walks into the room, roll immediately to get your tummy rubbed.
  • If no one in the room is paying attention to you, bite their toes.
  • When you make a mistake, simply lay down and play dead.
  • If you earn an extra treat, hide it safely for days when you don’t receive anything.
  • Snuggle close to anyone you can who also enjoys cuddling.
  • Roll around in the mud so you get someone to give you a nice warm bath.
  • Cry until someone take you out.
  • Run around full of energy to get others to play.

This playful little guy knows how to fill a space with life. His energy is contagious to all around him. He is happy-go-lucky and enjoys being around people. He has learned that what he puts out in the form of his attitude, energy and presence is the trigger for how he is regarded. He openly shares his love and playfulness and in return others give the same.

Simple-the Life of puppy….
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